Is Cannabis the New Wine?

It’s impossible to look at cannabis in the marketplace today and not think of wine.  From the display cases at dispensaries to the focus on appearance and the way strains are being described, the similarities are impossible to ignore. The comparison is so strong that wine-infused cannabis products are being researched and developed.

I believe the incredible rise in wine popularity is the reason the cannabis industry is using the same marketing and branding strategies that have proven successful for grape enthusiasts.

While at the recent Cannabis Cup in San Bernardino I couldn’t help but notice how many words being used to describe strains are the same words used to describe wines.

Similar to wine, cannabis strains can now be selected based on the mood you are in or the mood you want to be in.  With the numerous strains of cannabis being produced, cannabis strains may soon outnumber wine varieties.

Some aromas associated with wines include fruits, herbs, flowers, earth, grass, tobacco, butterscotch, toast, vanilla, mocha, and chocolate. These same aromas are being introduced to many genetically enhanced strains of cannabis.

Below are some common terms used when describing wine and cannabis!

  • Crisp: A wine with refreshing acidity. Acidity is more of a taste factor in white wines than in reds. White wines with a high amount of acidity feel crisp. Common cannabis strains that are described as “crisp” include; Citrus Kush, Tangie, Grapefruit Sour Diesel, Agent Orange and Twisted Citrus.
  • Finish: The impression a wine leaves in the back of your mouth and in your throat as you swallow it (an aftertaste). In a good wine, you can still perceive the wine’s flavors — such as fruitiness or spiciness — at that point. Most people prefer wine with a smooth finish. Cannabis strains that are known for smooth finish include; Triple Diesel, Train Wreck, Papaya, Lemon Drop and Silver Pearl.

  • Flavor intensity: How strong or weak a wine’s flavors are. Flavor intensity is a major factor in pairing wine with food, and it also helps determine how much you like a wine. Today’s Cannabis Strains can appeal to a wide variety of flavor preferences from sweet strains like “Sweet Tooth” (my personal favorite) to savory strains like “Drizzle”, to sour strains like “Sour OG” and minty strains like “Blue Dream.”

  • Fruity: A wine whose aromas and flavors suggest fruit; does not imply sweetness. You smell the fruitiness with your nose; in your mouth, you “smell” it through your nasal passage. Cannabis Strains that are described as fruity include, Tootie Fruitie, Fruity Pebbles, Grand Daddy Purple and Incredible Hulk.

So if you have any friends that like wine and haven’t tried cannabis recently let them know the new cannabis strains are as unique and varied as the wine aisle at their favorite liquor store!




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