Black D.O.G – Beautiful Relaxation

One of the most visually beautiful strains we grow is Black D.O.G. which is an Indica Dominant cross between three Northern California strains. When you see and smell this plant you can’t help but want to try it! It is beautiful to look at and smells like sweet grapes or blackberries with some dankness.

This strain was created by Humboldt Seed Organization (HSO) by combining three popular strains;  Blackberry Kush, Emerald OG and F-2 Emerald Headband about three years ago.

Black D.O.G. is a great way to unwind at the end of the day and creates a nice mellow feel of relaxation similar to a glass or two of Merlot or Pinot Noir wine. This is the perfect strain when you want to totally chill out and watch some Netflix.

Black D.O.G. is popular as an alternative medicine to opioids due to its fast acting pain relief qualities. This strain is also a popular choice for stress relief, as an anti-depressant and to increase appetite.

The THC levels in Black D.O.G. typically average in the 15% to 21% range. To mellow out just smoke a little and if you want to get a great nights sleep take a few more hits!


Big Black Schnauzer






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