Headband 707 – The Perfect Strain?

Sometimes simply referred to as Headband or just 707, our Headband 707 strain is an Indica Dominant Hybrid representing a cross between Sour Diesel, OG Kush and Master Kush.  This is a high THC strain and our plants are testing consistently between 26%-30%.

Even with its’ high THC levels, it is tolerated well by most users and is a common choice for relieving anxiety and depression, leaving users in a relaxed and creative mental state. This strain effectively combines the energizing effect of Sour Diesel with the calming effect of OG & Master Kush… a perfect combination!

Our Headband 707 has a strong odor similar to Sour Diesel with limone and beta-pinene terpenes dominating and enhancing this flower with an earthy flavor. The effect of the terpines and flavor is a taste that is smooth and mixed, like a full-bodied wine or a pale ale. Visually, Headband 707 has a thick layer of trichomes combined with colorful pistols.

While this strain has a reputation for being challenging to clone,  we love it and are currently increasing our harvests of Headband 707.



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