About Green Acres Group

We are an indoor cannabis cultivator licensed by the City of Needles, CA and temporarily licensed by the State of California. We are a group of local Needles residents who love our city on the Colorado River and are excited to be part of the new cannabis culture in the Mojave Desert of Southern California.

Our goal is to produce the highest quality and cleanest cannabis product possible.  We consistently monitor our systems, plants and techniques to improve products and meet our dispensaries preferences.

All of our cannabis is quality tested by Cannalysis Labs prior to being sent to our distributors, where it is further tested. Our strict quality controls have allowed us to consistently produce cannabis flower that is free of pesticides, bugs, molds and mildews. These standards provide assurance to our vendors that our cannabis flower is clean and as close to organic as possible.

We work daily to improve our cannabis and impress our customers!